A Leviathan and a thunderwolf meet on a Battlefield

So it is done! I painted my first miniature with the help of an airbrush! Besides, it was my first resin miniature as well. I was quite scared of starting this project as I heard all of these horror stories about resin. That it is so horrible to work with and that it breaks so quickly. I have to say that for me nothing of this is true. I love the material. I think that it even behaves better than plastic. It was easy to clean, file and rasp. There were no mould lines, and it seemed very stable to me. I hat do work a lot with drills as I magnetised the model with overall 16 (!) Magnets. A very heavy magnet in the torso I had to screw in about 6mm. Nothing broke, nothing went wrong.

I had the biggest fun preparing the head of the Thunderwolf which is at the base of the model. I have wholly unreasoned hate for Space Wolfs, and finally, I had to express this on a Model.

The last cool thing about the model is that I used the Greenstuffworld Chameleon Colors. The colours I used were Cobalt Blue and Stormsurge Green. Especially the Blue was a perfect match as it changes from Purple to blue depending on how the light falls on the model.

Well but enough of the process of creation and more pictures. I hope you like it.




Getting my first REAL airbrush

A few months ago I thought that I could make a good deal at a vendor for hobby equipment. They had this cheap ass airbrush with a compressor for around 100.- CHF. That looked like an excellent deal… Spoiler alert it wasn’t!

From day one the only thing the airbrush produced was issues. It was permanently clogged no matter how thin the paints were or how well I cleaned it. When it wasn’t clogged, it was not spraying very clean. I hated it; I hated that thing from the bottom of my heart! When I was then working on my Leviathan Dreadnought, and the airbrush almost ruined it (well, to be honest, I was ruining it while using the cheap ass airbrush), I decided that enough is enough!

I researched about compressors and airbrush and finally contacted a specialised store. I ordered a Sparmax Compressor and most importantly an evolution two in one from Harder & Steenbeck… and I paid a shitload of money.

When it arrived today, I immediately unpacked it and tried to work with it. It was glorious absolutely no comparison to what I experienced with this cheap airbrush. I didn’t clog; it is easy to use, and it creates a perfect as well as even coat.

If you go for an airbrush go the full mile don’t buy cheap shit as it is not worth the money!

And here is a picture of my new love!

Airbrushers Creed

This is my airbrush. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My airbrush is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

Without me, my airbrush is useless. Without my airbrush, I am useless. I must spray my airbrush true. I must spray cleaner than my finecast model who is trying to annoy the shit out of me is crafted. I must paint it before it freaks me out. I will…

My airbrush and I know that what counts in wargaming is not the games we win, the tutorials we watch, nor the money we spend. We know that it is the painted miniatures that count. We will wash them…

My airbrush is human, even as I because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will determine its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its pressure and its needle. I will keep my airbrush clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will…

Before Duncan two thin coats, I swear this creed. My airbrush and I are the painters of my miniatures. We are the masters of our paint. We are the saviours of the excellent hobby standard.

So be it, until hobby is back and there is no grey miniature, but painted ones!

Mickey, Shoomey and their ride

Foetid Bloatdrones are Daemon Machines which have a Daemon animating them. Did you ever ask yourself what kind of daemon it is which is bound to them?

In this case, it is Mickey and Shoomey the racing Nurglings! The Drone is my first conversion with green stuff, and I have to admit that the paint job could be better. However, I am still happy with the result and how perfect the Nurglings fit in the Drone.

The Alpha Legion Berzerker Bomb

I recently played against a good friend a small game of 40k. It was an easy setup, just 900 points; I was playing my Alpha Legion, and he played his Drukhari. As he is a good player, I decided to test the Berzerker Bomb. I put a list together which contained 20 Khorne Berzerker, a Daemon Prince, 60 Cultists, a Chaos Lord and 8 Chaos Space Marines. I used my command points to put my Berzerkers in Front of his units as well as my squad of CSM. The cultists I put on an objective. To my luck, I got to decide who had to start and so I started. It was a massacre! First I shot with the CSM, then I charged with the Berzerkers and finally with the Daemon Prince who had warp time. I killed him two pain engines and two units of elite shooting units (please don’t ask me for their name). The only reason his warlord and his cabal survived was that they were in reserve. To annoy me he spawned his other units on the opposite table edge, so I had to run up the table in his direction, but the game was practically decided.

I have to say that I did not enjoy the game because it was no fun at all. In small points games, the berserker bomb is too devastating. Even if he had had the first turn, he would not have been able to kill enough berzerkers to survive properly. This combo is potent and in my opinion not meant to be played in casual games.

I buy no new models until I fully painted the ones I already have!

Yes, we all know this sentence and we all said it at least once in our wargaming career but who really stuck to it? Well I do at least at the moment. I am sitting in front of the death guard part of two Dark Millenium starter boxes, a Forge World Leviathan Dreadnought, a Kabuki Studios Alpharius/Omegon surrogate, a pack of Seekers of Slaanesh, forty Chaos Cultists and a pack of Possessed. This is definitely a lot to paint (even if many of you have a lot more to paint at home) and I feel a bit overwhelmed by it. The worst part, however, is not what I have to paint right now but what I can’t paint because of it. There is this Eisenhorn model coming out, Necromunda is releasing a new Gang (and I didn’t even get the starter box) and of course, Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire came out a while ago. There are so many things I want to paint right now but I can’t because of the things I have at home already.

The lesson learned for me out of this is that I will never ever buy these many miniatures again in one run! And now I will go back to my painting table and paint what I have so I can hopefully start on new projects soon and get rid of this overwhelming feeling.



Short update

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry that this blog was a bit idle in the last time but by kids god blessed by grandfather Nurgle and that left me with no time for other things at all.

As they are well again I will give you an update about my Alpha Legion Terminators soon. There is a conversion project I will also start in the next time.

So stay tuned and thank you for the patience.