Getting in

While the lander flew towards the surface of the planet, Rakos did the last check on his equipment and instructed the human members of the infiltration force, about final details of the mission. He handpicked every single operative and trained them in the last few months for this mission. They were incredibly well skilled for … Weiterlesen Getting in

The Alpha Legion Lore so far

WARNING! HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD! As there were ongoing discussions on Twitter regarding Alpha Legion lore and if they will get Primaris Marines in the future, I felt the urge to write down my thoughts about the matter. To go on to this, we first have to check the current official Black Library Lore about the … Weiterlesen The Alpha Legion Lore so far

Breaking Down Warhammer 40,000 Conquest’s Rumoured Contents and Value

That is an interesting value you get there for your money. Unfortunately only for UK and IRL

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Update: The image below showing off the collection can now be found on the Warhammer 40,000: Conquest site. As a result, I have removed a paragraph concerning speculation over the inclusion of the terrain as part of the standard or premium subscription. Looks like it’s all in there, fellow hobbyists! It is also worth noting that the numbers below are estimates based on the cheapest possible alternative. Some of the miniatures I figured as Easy To Build may in fact be the completely poseable versions. 

Two days ago I wrote about Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, its return and what it might contain. We’ve had a few hours since then, some from Hachette and Games Workshop themselves, and some from exceptional internet sleuthing. Part of which gives me the chance to present you with an estimated value of the entire thing. So let’s dive in to the new stuff that we…

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2. Lines of Supply

He arrived at the bridge. Ingo the Harrow's librarian and Rakos the other Harrowmaster and closest brother were already waiting for him. "Are we there?" he asked, "yes Lord Johann!" the librarian answered and gave him an arch smile. "Didn't I ask you to not call me that?" Harrowmaster Johann asked in an annoyed tone. … Weiterlesen 2. Lines of Supply

1. The Harrow

He was meditating, this was what he always did during long warp travels. Even to his enhanced senses and mind, the warp could do nasty things. They just lost aspirants during the last warp jump who could not resist the "voices". They showed weakness and listened to the false promises of the neverborn. Weakness could … Weiterlesen 1. The Harrow

A few things about the Warhammer community

Oh dear (and to be honest there is no other way to start an article like this) I hate the topic I will write about now, but I need to write about it to keep my sanity. It all started with a few simple comic books which take place in the Age of Sigmar and … Weiterlesen A few things about the Warhammer community