The flawless Scales

Since a few weeks, I was looking for a new project. And last week I had the enlightenment about what to do. I decided that I will sell my Alpha Legion Force to build a new Alpha Legion Force! Yes, you heard right I will sell my old models very cheap to exchange them for mainly the same units which are more expensive. But there is a bit more to it. I was never happy with the
Alpha Legion being chaos tainted in the Warhammer 40k Universe. I did not want them to run around worshipping the chaos gods and wearing the eightfold star everywhere. I wanted a „clean“ Alpha Legion which defies the chaos gods and does not fall for the false promises. But to have this Alpha Legion I cannot use the standard Chaos Space Marine Models and especially not the standard Helbrutes or Obliterators and no Daemon Princes at all.

As I did not just want to use Space Marine Models for a Chaos Space Marine force, I had to get creative and find other ways to realise this project.

So I decided to start with the narrative on which basis I would then design the models and units. I wanted to combine my favourite elements of the stories „shroud of night“ and „sons of the Hydra“.

The Name of the Alpha Legion force is „the flawless Scales.“ And they live by the same Words as the Alpha Legion Harrow in „Shroud of Night“ does:

„No Gods no Warlords,
For the Harrow and for the Primarchs“

The flawless Scales do not follow any Chaos Gods or Warlords. They live and fight by the true Alpha Legion doctrine, have the final goal to find Omegon and to reunite the Alpha Legion. Their Units do not have any chaos taint or mutations, and the whole Legion operates on imperial territory. The weapons they use are either imperial technology or experimental Xenos tech. They also use old Alpha Legion relics like Legion Sicaran Tanks, Leviathan Dreadnoughts or even relics from other legions like the Raven Guard.

As I did not want to lose the abilities and stratagems from the Marks of Chaos I had to become a bit more creative and find a way how they could be replaced by something which would fit my narrative. So I came up with the „harrow doctrines“. The Harrow doctrines are as follows
– The doctrine of sustained fire replaces Mark of Slaanesh
– The doctrine of Psychic assault replaces Mark of Tzeentch
– The doctrine of perseverance replaces Mark of Nurgle
– The doctrine of reckless charge replaces Mark of Khorne
These will be indicated by placing a particular marker within the unit. The Markers will be for example a special munitions crate to show the doctrine of sustained fire.

The Units:
I will replace a lot of standard units with special ones either from the 30k Alpha Legion range from Forgeworld or Space Marine Units form Citadel.

The List so far looks like this:
Lord Johann the Untainted – Kabuki Hydra Knight Model – Lord Arkos Rules
CSM Sorcerer – SM Librarian Model
Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour – Captain in Tartaros Pattern Terminator Armour
Heretic Space Marines – 30k Alpha Legion Kill Team
Cultists – Standard Cultist Models (Might be replaced with Cadian or Catachan Models
Obliterators – Tartaros Pattern Terminators kitbashed with Mechanicus Kataphron Breachers Torsion Cannons
Bikers – Legion MKIV Outrider Squadron upgraded with 30k Alpha Legion Kill-team upgrade sets
Legion Sicaran Battle Tank – Standard Model
Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought – 30k Alpha Legion Contemptor Dreadnought
Havocs – Devastator Marine Squad upgraded with the 30k Alpha Legion Kill-team upgrade kit
Raptors – Assault Marines Upgraded with Alpha Legion Shoulder Pads
Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought – Standard Model
Rhino – SM Rhino improved with the Forgeworld Alpha Legion Kit
Warp Talons – Raven Guard Dark Fury Assault Squad with Alpha Legion Upgrade pack
Helbrute – Space Marine Dreadnought

This is what I have so far. Thank you for your feedback and ideas on how I can improve the concept.


A few things about the Warhammer community

Oh dear (and to be honest there is no other way to start an article like this)

I hate the topic I will write about now, but I need to write about it to keep my sanity. It all started with a few simple comic books which take place in the Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 4k universe. Well, not a big deal at all but as people are it had to become a big thing. The intention of Games Workshop was to create a gateway for children around the age of 14 and bit younger into the Warhammer universe, and some people lost their fu**** minds. They apparently did not like it, and I think this is okay but to make a drama out of it was in my opinion not necessary. If you don’t want it don’t buy it, it’s that easy. The arguments went from „it’s not okay to introduce children into the 40k world“ to „they will destroy the grimdark of the 41st millennium and make a harmless Teletubby story out of it“. I mean how can you just imagine that GW will kill its cash cow in such a silly way.

But this was not the end because the other side was just as annoying. The pro-comic faction started to call the people who were against the books silly names and compared them to fifty-year-old neckbeards who still live with their mothers (and I always thought that’s part of the deal to become a member of the wargaming community, silly me).

Then the „no comic book faction“ actually  started to behave like fifty-year-old neckbeards who still live with their mother and brought SJW conspiracy theories into play and made stupid hijab jokes about it (yes ArchWarhammer I look at you!)

Well after this silly play was over there came the next idiocy already. Gav Thorpe wrote a 40k story about the Mechanicum and used gender-neutral pronouns. Immediately people lost their shit again. The full program with SJW conspiracy theories and very offensive comments towards Gav. I mean if there is a use for gender-neutral pronouns then it is in the Mechanicum.

So when this shit was over there came already the next thing. Becca Scott (a truly remarkable lady who teaches people the rules of games at Geeks and Sundry) started at Warhammer TV to explain the new Age of Sigmar rules. And immediately happened what had to happen. On the Warhammer community platform „Bell of Lost Souls“ two guys made comments on her. The first guy said that he wanted to play „strip Warhammer“ with her and the other one described her as a chick who wants attention by joining the Warhammer community without knowing anything about it.

Just to give you my opinion on the comments. The first one with the strip Warhammer is not very gentleman like but nothing too bad as he did not describe it in a very vulgar way and to be honest the comments the lady on social media make about soccer players a much more sexist and no one bats an eye. So for sure an unnecessary comment but also manageable. The other guy was definitely an asshole with no idea what he was talking about. Seriously that guy has definitely no place in the Tabletop community! Becca is doing a great job, period!

I did not need long, and the first people entered the arena and gave straight push back to these two low flyers. So problem solved story closed… well not in the Interwebs, where everything needs to become a drama. Someone posted a screenshot of the comments, and the community went crazy… again! I had to read comments which described the whole tabletop wargaming community as a sexist horde of neckbeards from the 1950s.

And for fuck’s sake, this is so not true. Nowhere I have been in the community has every anyone made stupid comments to or about women in the wargaming community. Yes I am hundred percent sure that there are a few assholes but you will find them everywhere and the reactions to these comments, immediately shutting these guy off are proof enough that there is more right in the community than wrong. By doing like these two people would represent the majority of Wargamers is just wrong and will keep interested people away from the hobby and the community.

These things concern me a lot. The hobby is my safe haven I go to when I’m stressed out. It’s my shelter where I meet with like-minded people when I want to relax and escape from reality for a few hours and these petty issues the community concerns itself with are terrible and toxic to the whole community.

Don’t behave like assholes and don’t let a minority of negative people speak for the rest of us!

Erasmus is back

I hope every one of you is remembering Erasmus Brosdau and his „The Lord Inquisitor“ Project. Erasmus is a young animation specialist who made a deal with Games Workshop that he is allowed to make a movie in the W40k universe as long as he does not make any money or profit with it. What he produced was this short but impressive prologue.

Unfortunately, he announced a few weeks ago that he would stop the project to found his own company and make a series based on his own SciFy universe. I was unfortunate actually when I heard this as the prologue of the lord inquisitor looked just fantastic, and the characters shown in the prologue had personality and style. Also, it was my hope of a good 40k movie.

Anyway, we have to accept his decision especially as GW did not make things very easy for him. Fior example he was not allowed to take any material support for his work, which meant no money and no equipment only practical help from animators who had to do this for free, and everyone who has a bit of idea about a proper animation know how much work this is.

But there is a silver lining on the horizon. Erasmus produced the first episode of his new animation movie (or more likely series) and posted it already on youtube. The Series is called „origin zero“ and looks fantastic. But enough written words, please enjoy the video


I am Alpharius

Hooray! Finally, there is an Alpharius model from Games Workshop, and it is epic! I mean Alpharius is killing a Space Wolf with his spear! Great details on the model and with his helmet on (which made no real difference as the most Alpha Legionnaires look the same anyway).



As an Alpha Legion fan, this will be an auto-buy model even if I do not play Horus Heresy. But I also have a few questions about the model. First of all, why is it only one Primarch? We all know that the Alpha Legion is the Legion which has two Primarchs and both are on the battlefield. There is, for example, Kabuki Studios from Italy who have produced two alternative models which they call „Hydra Knight and Ghost Knight.“


But I don’t want to be too cynical about the issue as I am thrilled that we get an Alpharius Model which I will buy, paint and present to you on this Blog!


How to underestimate your enemy

I have a friend at our Wargaming Club with whom I have a small challenge ongoing. We play robust lists and count the victories of each one. He plays T’au, and I usually play my Alpha Legion.

T’au is not that strong anymore in 8th edition as they had been in seventh and Chaos became a lot stronger. So I built my list putting in a few hard-hitting units like my Leviathan Dreadnough, a Land Raider and Havocs with Lascannons. I thought that this should blast him from the battlefield. Well, at least I thought that, but I forgot that he would definitely bring his Storm Surge and an XV109 Y’Vahra Battlesuit. He killed my Havocs and my Leviathan Dreadnought in the first battle round and almost eradicated all of my cultists. At turn two he nearly tabled me, and I had to concede as it made no sense anymore to go on with the game.

The Storm Surge and the Y’Vahra would have been manageable if there would have been just one of them but both at once are an overwhelming force that blasts everything from the battlefield.

Below you can see a few snapshots which he made as I was too busy getting blasted from the battlefield.

The Sunday Warlords

Today I want to tell you a little bit about my wargaming club.

We are around thirty from Switzerland people who meet up to three times per month to kill some plastic dudes on the battlefield. One of our meet up is a public one where everyone can join an watch how we play and ask us anything about wargaming.

We play different systems like W40k, AOS, Malifaux, Infinity, Dust, Dystopian Wars and are open to having external people playing with us.

You can find us on different platforms (sorry but for the moment everything is in German)


If you ever come to Switzerland and you are near to Aarau, please do not hesitate to visit us or contact me to organize a game.




A few weeks ago a wrote a post about how I will not buy any new models before I finished all the ones I have already. Unfortunately, I was not able to stick to that plan.

A friend of mine of mine who is in the same wargaming club as I am told me about Dust. Dust is a tabletop wargame that plays in the year 1947. The Allies and Soviets were not able to defeat the Axis powers in Europe as the Nazis found a new technology which enabled them to build new weapons of war. In the further story, Hitler was assassinated, and the SS does not exist anymore. Therefore the Axis powers got the „Blutkreuz“ organisation which was able to reanimate dead soldiers (Nazi Zombies how awesome is that?!?!), and the Wehrmacht got substantial military Mechs. The whole scenario is total pulp, and that is awesome. It is so awesome that they even have armed War-Gorillas. So to make this long story short, I had to buy it, and I bought a starter pack with the Soviet and Axis units inside.

The models are not on sprues but already build and primed so you can immediately start painting them or even play. I did not go through the rules already, but it seems that the terrain has a significant impact on the mechanics. You also get a battle mat with it which has squares on it. When I played my first round, I will describe the rules and mechanics a bit more in detail.

Let’s just hope that this was my only moment of weakness in my quest to paint all the miniatures I have.


Smoke on the Battlefield

I am a big fan of Kickstarter, and I support projects on a regular basis. More or less one year ago I found the „Fog Monster“ project which is created by Real game FX ( It is a fog machine for tabletop games. An as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get one (spoiler I bought two).

It’s basically just a water tank, an ultrasonic fog machine and a water pump but it does the job perfectly well. Mine arrived only a few days ago, and I had to test it. As you can see in the following videos, it is working correctly and created a beautiful fog effect.

The only issue is that it leaves water back on the battlefield why I propose to use it on battle mats instead of custom build terrain as it can have an effect on the paint or material. If you are too scared of the water on your miniatures (even if anyone who tried to strip them that a bit of water is not enough) you can order tubes with it and have kind of a tube system on the battlefield with the fog effect inside of it.

If I have time, I will play a bit around with it to see how I can use it best and of course, I will keep you all informed.

A Leviathan and a thunderwolf meet on a Battlefield

So it is done! I painted my first miniature with the help of an airbrush! Besides, it was my first resin miniature as well. I was quite scared of starting this project as I heard all of these horror stories about resin. That it is so horrible to work with and that it breaks so quickly. I have to say that for me nothing of this is true. I love the material. I think that it even behaves better than plastic. It was easy to clean, file and rasp. There were no mould lines, and it seemed very stable to me. I hat do work a lot with drills as I magnetised the model with overall 16 (!) Magnets. A very heavy magnet in the torso I had to screw in about 6mm. Nothing broke, nothing went wrong.

I had the biggest fun preparing the head of the Thunderwolf which is at the base of the model. I have wholly unreasoned hate for Space Wolfs, and finally, I had to express this on a Model.

The last cool thing about the model is that I used the Greenstuffworld Chameleon Colors. The colours I used were Cobalt Blue and Stormsurge Green. Especially the Blue was a perfect match as it changes from Purple to blue depending on how the light falls on the model.

Well but enough of the process of creation and more pictures. I hope you like it.




Getting my first REAL airbrush

A few months ago I thought that I could make a good deal at a vendor for hobby equipment. They had this cheap ass airbrush with a compressor for around 100.- CHF. That looked like an excellent deal… Spoiler alert it wasn’t!

From day one the only thing the airbrush produced was issues. It was permanently clogged no matter how thin the paints were or how well I cleaned it. When it wasn’t clogged, it was not spraying very clean. I hated it; I hated that thing from the bottom of my heart! When I was then working on my Leviathan Dreadnought, and the airbrush almost ruined it (well, to be honest, I was ruining it while using the cheap ass airbrush), I decided that enough is enough!

I researched about compressors and airbrush and finally contacted a specialised store. I ordered a Sparmax Compressor and most importantly an evolution two in one from Harder & Steenbeck… and I paid a shitload of money.

When it arrived today, I immediately unpacked it and tried to work with it. It was glorious absolutely no comparison to what I experienced with this cheap airbrush. I didn’t clog; it is easy to use, and it creates a perfect as well as even coat.

If you go for an airbrush go the full mile don’t buy cheap shit as it is not worth the money!

And here is a picture of my new love!