My new Poxwalkers

So I just started blogging about my Warhammer hobby. I am now for more than three years in the buiding, painting and kitbashing of Warhammer miniatures and I think it is about time to share my love for the hobby with you.

My last finished project have been my poxwalkers from the Dark Imperium starter box. I really took my time on them as I wanted to paint them up to a top standard. You can see that I used many different colors (for example I have painted the tentacles in four different color schemes).

As I took my time for them and because papa Nurgle loves all of his Children I have decided to give them Names and write these on their bases.

The whole project took very long (6 Weeks in total) as I was painting very slowly to work on the details and as I have a job and a family I cannot dedicate my time to the hobby fully.

One of the most challenging parts was that I wanted to make them look differently but still the same. So I was using the same techniques on them but changed colors regularly.

Overall I am very happy with the results and I am looking forward to paint my next twenty Poxwalkers (as I have bought two dark imperium boxes).

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