Citadels Combat Cards

So I just bought the Warhammer combat cards from Citadel and they are amazing! I read the rules twice, did a test game with my best friend and we were immediately into it. It plays very easy and a match lasts about twenty minutes.

The rules are totally easy. Everyone has thirty cards, you pull five per turn and three of them you put on the table. The remaining two are used as strategical abilities. Every unit has three values one for melee, one for ranged attack and one for psychic attack. The different cards can improve each other also.

One player is the attacker and the other one the defender (the roles change every round). The attacker says which value on the card is used and the card with the higher value wins the fight. Winner is the one who wins the most fights.

And that’s all. The rules are very easy but still leave plenty of space for strategy and tactics. If you have a bit money on your hand I totally recommend you to buy them as they are really cheap (for GW products).99220699001_CombatCards01

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