The Alpha Legion Berzerker Bomb

I recently played against a good friend a small game of 40k. It was an easy setup, just 900 points; I was playing my Alpha Legion, and he played his Drukhari. As he is a good player, I decided to test the Berzerker Bomb. I put a list together which contained 20 Khorne Berzerker, a Daemon Prince, 60 Cultists, a Chaos Lord and 8 Chaos Space Marines. I used my command points to put my Berzerkers in Front of his units as well as my squad of CSM. The cultists I put on an objective. To my luck, I got to decide who had to start and so I started. It was a massacre! First I shot with the CSM, then I charged with the Berzerkers and finally with the Daemon Prince who had warp time. I killed him two pain engines and two units of elite shooting units (please don’t ask me for their name). The only reason his warlord and his cabal survived was that they were in reserve. To annoy me he spawned his other units on the opposite table edge, so I had to run up the table in his direction, but the game was practically decided.

I have to say that I did not enjoy the game because it was no fun at all. In small points games, the berserker bomb is too devastating. Even if he had had the first turn, he would not have been able to kill enough berzerkers to survive properly. This combo is potent and in my opinion not meant to be played in casual games.

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