Getting my first REAL airbrush

A few months ago I thought that I could make a good deal at a vendor for hobby equipment. They had this cheap ass airbrush with a compressor for around 100.- CHF. That looked like an excellent deal… Spoiler alert it wasn’t!

From day one the only thing the airbrush produced was issues. It was permanently clogged no matter how thin the paints were or how well I cleaned it. When it wasn’t clogged, it was not spraying very clean. I hated it; I hated that thing from the bottom of my heart! When I was then working on my Leviathan Dreadnought, and the airbrush almost ruined it (well, to be honest, I was ruining it while using the cheap ass airbrush), I decided that enough is enough!

I researched about compressors and airbrush and finally contacted a specialised store. I ordered a Sparmax Compressor and most importantly an evolution two in one from Harder & Steenbeck… and I paid a shitload of money.

When it arrived today, I immediately unpacked it and tried to work with it. It was glorious absolutely no comparison to what I experienced with this cheap airbrush. I didn’t clog; it is easy to use, and it creates a perfect as well as even coat.

If you go for an airbrush go the full mile don’t buy cheap shit as it is not worth the money!

And here is a picture of my new love!

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