A Leviathan and a thunderwolf meet on a Battlefield

So it is done! I painted my first miniature with the help of an airbrush! Besides, it was my first resin miniature as well. I was quite scared of starting this project as I heard all of these horror stories about resin. That it is so horrible to work with and that it breaks so quickly. I have to say that for me nothing of this is true. I love the material. I think that it even behaves better than plastic. It was easy to clean, file and rasp. There were no mould lines, and it seemed very stable to me. I hat do work a lot with drills as I magnetised the model with overall 16 (!) Magnets. A very heavy magnet in the torso I had to screw in about 6mm. Nothing broke, nothing went wrong.

I had the biggest fun preparing the head of the Thunderwolf which is at the base of the model. I have wholly unreasoned hate for Space Wolfs, and finally, I had to express this on a Model.

The last cool thing about the model is that I used the Greenstuffworld Chameleon Colors. The colours I used were Cobalt Blue and Stormsurge Green. Especially the Blue was a perfect match as it changes from Purple to blue depending on how the light falls on the model.

Well but enough of the process of creation and more pictures. I hope you like it.




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