A few weeks ago a wrote a post about how I will not buy any new models before I finished all the ones I have already. Unfortunately, I was not able to stick to that plan.

A friend of mine of mine who is in the same wargaming club as I am told me about Dust. Dust is a tabletop wargame that plays in the year 1947. The Allies and Soviets were not able to defeat the Axis powers in Europe as the Nazis found a new technology which enabled them to build new weapons of war. In the further story, Hitler was assassinated, and the SS does not exist anymore. Therefore the Axis powers got the „Blutkreuz“ organisation which was able to reanimate dead soldiers (Nazi Zombies how awesome is that?!?!), and the Wehrmacht got substantial military Mechs. The whole scenario is total pulp, and that is awesome. It is so awesome that they even have armed War-Gorillas. So to make this long story short, I had to buy it, and I bought a starter pack with the Soviet and Axis units inside.

The models are not on sprues but already build and primed so you can immediately start painting them or even play. I did not go through the rules already, but it seems that the terrain has a significant impact on the mechanics. You also get a battle mat with it which has squares on it. When I played my first round, I will describe the rules and mechanics a bit more in detail.

Let’s just hope that this was my only moment of weakness in my quest to paint all the miniatures I have.


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