How to underestimate your enemy

I have a friend at our Wargaming Club with whom I have a small challenge ongoing. We play robust lists and count the victories of each one. He plays T’au, and I usually play my Alpha Legion.

T’au is not that strong anymore in 8th edition as they had been in seventh and Chaos became a lot stronger. So I built my list putting in a few hard-hitting units like my Leviathan Dreadnough, a Land Raider and Havocs with Lascannons. I thought that this should blast him from the battlefield. Well, at least I thought that, but I forgot that he would definitely bring his Storm Surge and an XV109 Y’Vahra Battlesuit. He killed my Havocs and my Leviathan Dreadnought in the first battle round and almost eradicated all of my cultists. At turn two he nearly tabled me, and I had to concede as it made no sense anymore to go on with the game.

The Storm Surge and the Y’Vahra would have been manageable if there would have been just one of them but both at once are an overwhelming force that blasts everything from the battlefield.

Below you can see a few snapshots which he made as I was too busy getting blasted from the battlefield.

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