I am Alpharius

Hooray! Finally, there is an Alpharius model from Games Workshop, and it is epic! I mean Alpharius is killing a Space Wolf with his spear! Great details on the model and with his helmet on (which made no real difference as the most Alpha Legionnaires look the same anyway).



As an Alpha Legion fan, this will be an auto-buy model even if I do not play Horus Heresy. But I also have a few questions about the model. First of all, why is it only one Primarch? We all know that the Alpha Legion is the Legion which has two Primarchs and both are on the battlefield. There is, for example, Kabuki Studios from Italy who have produced two alternative models which they call „Hydra Knight and Ghost Knight.“


But I don’t want to be too cynical about the issue as I am thrilled that we get an Alpharius Model which I will buy, paint and present to you on this Blog!


7 Kommentare zu „I am Alpharius

  1. I think this model looks great, but I am a little confused by how big he is, as the books give the impression that Alpharius and Omegon are about the same size as the rest of the alpha legionnaires (they’re always changing places with their troopers)

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    1. Actually, that’s an excellent point you make there. AlphariusOmegon was just slightly taller than the average Space Marine. I think we will have the answer soon.


  2. I am so excited about this release. I’ve been playing an Alpha Legion force for over 20 years, and now I finally actually get my main guy!

    Also, I’ve never bought in to the Twin Primarchs thing. My personal headcanon is that Alpharius was just so sneaky and such a good planner that people thought there was more than one. Honestly, one of my favourite things about the Alpha Legion is that any bit of fluff you don’t like about them can just be written off as another bit of deception they’ve spread around 🙂

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