Erasmus is back

I hope every one of you is remembering Erasmus Brosdau and his „The Lord Inquisitor“ Project. Erasmus is a young animation specialist who made a deal with Games Workshop that he is allowed to make a movie in the W40k universe as long as he does not make any money or profit with it. What he produced was this short but impressive prologue.

Unfortunately, he announced a few weeks ago that he would stop the project to found his own company and make a series based on his own SciFy universe. I was unfortunate actually when I heard this as the prologue of the lord inquisitor looked just fantastic, and the characters shown in the prologue had personality and style. Also, it was my hope of a good 40k movie.

Anyway, we have to accept his decision especially as GW did not make things very easy for him. Fior example he was not allowed to take any material support for his work, which meant no money and no equipment only practical help from animators who had to do this for free, and everyone who has a bit of idea about a proper animation know how much work this is.

But there is a silver lining on the horizon. Erasmus produced the first episode of his new animation movie (or more likely series) and posted it already on youtube. The Series is called „origin zero“ and looks fantastic. But enough written words, please enjoy the video


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