A few things about the Warhammer community

Oh dear (and to be honest there is no other way to start an article like this)

I hate the topic I will write about now, but I need to write about it to keep my sanity. It all started with a few simple comic books which take place in the Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 4k universe. Well, not a big deal at all but as people are it had to become a big thing. The intention of Games Workshop was to create a gateway for children around the age of 14 and bit younger into the Warhammer universe, and some people lost their fu**** minds. They apparently did not like it, and I think this is okay but to make a drama out of it was in my opinion not necessary. If you don’t want it don’t buy it, it’s that easy. The arguments went from „it’s not okay to introduce children into the 40k world“ to „they will destroy the grimdark of the 41st millennium and make a harmless Teletubby story out of it“. I mean how can you just imagine that GW will kill its cash cow in such a silly way.

But this was not the end because the other side was just as annoying. The pro-comic faction started to call the people who were against the books silly names and compared them to fifty-year-old neckbeards who still live with their mothers (and I always thought that’s part of the deal to become a member of the wargaming community, silly me).

Then the „no comic book faction“ actually  started to behave like fifty-year-old neckbeards who still live with their mother and brought SJW conspiracy theories into play and made stupid hijab jokes about it (yes ArchWarhammer I look at you!)

Well after this silly play was over there came the next idiocy already. Gav Thorpe wrote a 40k story about the Mechanicum and used gender-neutral pronouns. Immediately people lost their shit again. The full program with SJW conspiracy theories and very offensive comments towards Gav. I mean if there is a use for gender-neutral pronouns then it is in the Mechanicum.

So when this shit was over there came already the next thing. Becca Scott (a truly remarkable lady who teaches people the rules of games at Geeks and Sundry) started at Warhammer TV to explain the new Age of Sigmar rules. And immediately happened what had to happen. On the Warhammer community platform „Bell of Lost Souls“ two guys made comments on her. The first guy said that he wanted to play „strip Warhammer“ with her and the other one described her as a chick who wants attention by joining the Warhammer community without knowing anything about it.

Just to give you my opinion on the comments. The first one with the strip Warhammer is not very gentleman like but nothing too bad as he did not describe it in a very vulgar way and to be honest the comments the lady on social media make about soccer players a much more sexist and no one bats an eye. So for sure an unnecessary comment but also manageable. The other guy was definitely an asshole with no idea what he was talking about. Seriously that guy has definitely no place in the Tabletop community! Becca is doing a great job, period!

I did not need long, and the first people entered the arena and gave straight push back to these two low flyers. So problem solved story closed… well not in the Interwebs, where everything needs to become a drama. Someone posted a screenshot of the comments, and the community went crazy… again! I had to read comments which described the whole tabletop wargaming community as a sexist horde of neckbeards from the 1950s.

And for fuck’s sake, this is so not true. Nowhere I have been in the community has every anyone made stupid comments to or about women in the wargaming community. Yes I am hundred percent sure that there are a few assholes but you will find them everywhere and the reactions to these comments, immediately shutting these guy off are proof enough that there is more right in the community than wrong. By doing like these two people would represent the majority of Wargamers is just wrong and will keep interested people away from the hobby and the community.

These things concern me a lot. The hobby is my safe haven I go to when I’m stressed out. It’s my shelter where I meet with like-minded people when I want to relax and escape from reality for a few hours and these petty issues the community concerns itself with are terrible and toxic to the whole community.

Don’t behave like assholes and don’t let a minority of negative people speak for the rest of us!

Ein Kommentar zu „A few things about the Warhammer community

  1. People en masse are unfortunately idiots, and with the rise of social media and the extent of political divisiveness in the world and US, we’ve grown an „outrage culture“ where people of all political and social backgrounds have become sensitive special snowflakes and look to be offended as much as possible. It doesn’t mean that we need to be racist or sexist or any of that shit that used to fly, but it’s way over the top these days.
    There’s a YouTuber who I (usually) like who went on a rant about how these new 40k books are inappropriate for children because of Servitors and the black ships and the Astronimican in the background. Even if they’re not going to be touched on in the stories for younger readers. Because „think of the children!“
    He also got *really* silly when I compared it to the Marvel universe being „fine“. At that point, I removed myself from the conversation because I have better uses for my time than arguing with someone who is being deliberately obtuse and recalcitrant towards logic and consistency.


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