1. The Harrow

He was meditating, this was what he always did during long warp travels. Even to his enhanced senses and mind, the warp could do nasty things. They just lost aspirants during the last warp jump who could not resist the „voices“. They showed weakness and listened to the false promises of the neverborn. Weakness could not be tolerated, but this kind of weakness was a death sentence. They called themselves the flawless scales because they resisted the temptations of the warp and were clean of corruption. Every Space Marine and every human crewman on their ships had to be untouched by the dark gods. They would not end like their cousins of the fallen legions. They would not become like the mindless world eaters, the fanatical word bearers or the corrupted death guard. Yes they were outcasts, and yes they were heretics, but they would not become slaves to the dark gods. They did not travel into the eye of terror and operated only in the imperial territory. Entering the eye of terror meant to be corrupted and to become what he despised the most. He was disgusted about the Imperium of man and how depraved it became during the millennia. Instead of following a common goal and fight the forces which threatened it, it fought itself over petty reasons like power and wealth. And still, the Imperium of man did not disgust him as much as his fallen cousins did. They gave themselves into the corruption of chaos and became slaves to the dark gods. This would not happen to his Harrow.

„His Harrow“, this sounded still strange, even after all these years. He was part of a small war band and only fought for his own survival. He plundered and scavenged whatever was possible. He worked for warlords and executed sabotage missions for them. Every warlord was happy to have the support of an Alpha Legion Operative, sometimes they liked it too much. He had to fight his way out of the grasp of a mad warlord more than once. This was usually not an issue for an experienced son of Alpharius, but the last time he worked for a warlord it was just too close. He just got away, and this changed something. He realised that his whole existence had no purpose, he had no higher goal to strive for. To live just to survive was no life at all, so he decided to give his life a purpose. He wanted to unite his legion and purify it from the taint of the warp. To achieve this goal he had to find other „untainted“ brothers and convince them of his plans and to purge those who communed with the dark pantheon, as they were lost forever. The most significant task however and the one he was not sure if it could be achieved at all was to find his lost Primarch. Omegon disappeared a long time ago and did not reveal himself since then. The key to uniting and rebuilding the legion was to bring back the Primarch.

A claxon chimed in his earpiece, he had to go to the bridge, something had happened.

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