2. Lines of Supply

He arrived at the bridge. Ingo the Harrow’s librarian and Rakos the other Harrowmaster and closest brother were already waiting for him.

„Are we there?“ he asked, „yes Lord Johann!“ the librarian answered and gave him an arch smile.
„Didn’t I ask you to not call me that?“ Harrowmaster Johann asked in an annoyed tone.
„Yes, of course, Harrowmaster Johann,“ replied Ingo with a broad smile. „Ok, to work!“ commanded Johann.

They had the plan to infiltrate an imperial forgeworld, in the Balor sector and to resupply undiscovered by the imperial forces. It was significantly harder to „steal“ from a forgeworld, as it was governed by the Mechanicum and the Mechanicum was very rigorous when it came to monitoring their facilities and assets. Imperial worlds were very easy to infiltrate, even the ones controlled by a space marine chapter. Once they even snuck into the Baal sector and stole a jump pack from the Sanguinary Guard. Actually, it was Ingo. Ingo was very hot-blooded, always seeking for a thrill and it was very questionable if these traits were the right combination for a librarian. In the end, Ingo got the reliquary jump pack and escaped unnoticed from the sector. This time it would be significantly harder, and they had to be very careful. Their success so far was not based on brute strength and combat skills but on the fact that they were able to operate in hidden and unnoticed. One mistake and they would have a full planetary defence force on their heels. This was the reason why he would send Rakos, Rakos was efficient, cold-blooded and disciplined like no other legionnaire he ever met. He once infiltrated a Raven Guard outpost, killed every single Space Marine and finally blew up the whole facility without leaving a trace, that it was anything else than an accident. He also was a good leader who drove his Harrows and kill-teams to maximum efficiency.

„One hour until we arrive at the planned position for the infiltration,“ said Rakos.
„Very good, the plan is to get in there unnoticed, to get the spare parts for our reliquary dreadnoughts, resupplying the ships and to leave as quick as possible, I don’t want to have the Mechanicum on our heels,“ said Johann.
„Understood“ answered Rakos.
„Are the infiltration forces ready?“ asked Ingo.
„Yes“ responded Rakos, „We should join them immediately“ he added.

All three exchanged glances of understanding and Rakos left the bridge together with Ingo. He had to monitor the mission from orbit while Ingo, Rakos and the infiltration force were on their way to the surface. As long as their cloak field generators would work and distort the planetary defence grid, it would be no issue for them to reach the designated point on the surface.

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