In the Underhive

Underhive – a slum which is so deep in the City that the daylight never hits it. Only the worst of the worst live here.
Augmentations – artificial body parts and limbs

It was dark, and it was raining, but it was always dark in the underhive, and the water that fell from the top to the bottom could hardly be described as rain. The black and ash tainted drops landed on her umbrella and made this terrible drizzling noise. When it rained, she did not hear what happened around her, and not knowing what happens around you could be deadly. Death was always present in the slums of the underhive. Life was worth less than the mud in the sewers and wasted generously. Only the strong and the cunning survived.
It was almost a wonder that she was still alive and in good health in this place of nightmare and it was even more surprising that she liked it. But it was her home, and she knew every street and corner.

She was beautiful, at least for the standards of the underhive. She had long red hair, which was shaved on the sides, her breasts were inviting, and her backside swung boldly with every step. When you looked like this in an underhive, you needed to be careful. Not that it would be a problem for her to be raped or abused, but not being paid for it was what she tried to avoid. And women like her could ask for an obscene price in the underhive. An obscene price for an obscene service. It was only the mightiest gang lords who could afford her service and to become a mighty gang lord in the underhive was nothing which was achieved by being soft and gentle. She got used to it, and after a time, she even started to like it. The rough hands, the choking, the beating and even the metal bionics that some of her customers had instead of human hands.

So she went to her next customer, a smile on her face and in curious expectation which kinds of pleasure she could provide and not to forget the generous payment she could expect for it.

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