Getting in

While the lander flew towards the surface of the planet, Rakos did the last check on his equipment and instructed the human members of the infiltration force, about final details of the mission. He handpicked every single operative and trained them in the last few months for this mission. They were incredibly well skilled for mere humans and loyal to the death if needed. Just when he finished the final adjustments on his cloaking device did he feel the landing thrusters kicking in and the ship touching the surface. He activated the cloaking device and left the lander. Thanks to the cloaking equipment he would look like a gene-bread worker and not as one of the once emperors finest warriors.
They had to walk several kilometres before they arrived at the mag train station which would bring them to the facility where they could start their work. The sandstorm they encountered did not make the way more comfortable, but it would at least cover them up while making their move. They got a steady pace and made good progress through the endless sand dunes. It was quiet, dark and almost peaceful. Suddenly and out of nowhere they were attacked, a mutilated, and once maybe human abomination struck one of the operatives. The monstrosity bit and hacked at its victim in a blood frenzy. With superhuman reaction and speed, Rakos drew his reliquary chainsword and charged. With a quick stroke, he hacked off one of the many limbs of the abomination, but it was fast, howled in pain and punched him back on his spine. Rakos hauled himself up again, drew his bolt pistol and fired three shots while charging the monstrosity anew. One bullet hit it directly in what might have been a face once and gave him the precious seconds he needed to raise his blade up and cut the abominations head clean from its torso. It fell twitching and dead to the ground.
Rakos watched the dead human operative and took a deep breath. To lose a member of the team so early in a mission was everything but a good sign. They would need every man, and now they had to be even more careful as there could more of these things. He ordered his operatives to start their scanning devices and to advance with care. On their way to the Maglev train station, they encountered two more of these abominations but were able to neutralise them from a distance. They were not sure if these creatures were failed servitor experiments that were able to escape or have been created deliberately to fend off intruders.

When they finally arrived at the Maglev station, they found themselves in a crowd of human servants and servitors. No one seemed to be interested in them, was curious why they just arrived out of the wilderness or did even look at them. The human serves were too busy or too tired and the servitors, well they were servitors. The Magtrain arrived, and they went on board.
The train ride was just as expected, hot, crowded and the other pale-faced train guests did not make it better. If they blew up this train, these humans would thank them, that their miserable and meaningless life would have been ended. How can someone live under such conditions, a meaningless life on a trivial planed, executing a pointless task? This Imperium of Man disgusted him more every time he got in contact with it.
After five hours the train arrived at their destination. They got out of the train, and a dark and vast blackness that almost swallowed them appeared in front of them.

The fabrication complex was a single massive structure and completely covered in grime from the industrial funnels. They blended into the crowd of workers and made their way to the nearest entrance.

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