The Alpha Legion Berzerker Bomb

I recently played against a good friend a small game of 40k. It was an easy setup, just 900 points; I was playing my Alpha Legion, and he played his Drukhari. As he is a good player, I decided to test the Berzerker Bomb. I put a list together which contained 20 Khorne Berzerker, a Daemon Prince, 60 Cultists, a Chaos Lord and 8 Chaos Space Marines. I used my command points to put my Berzerkers in Front of his units as well as my squad of CSM. The cultists I put on an objective. To my luck, I got to decide who had to start and so I started. It was a massacre! First I shot with the CSM, then I charged with the Berzerkers and finally with the Daemon Prince who had warp time. I killed him two pain engines and two units of elite shooting units (please don’t ask me for their name). The only reason his warlord and his cabal survived was that they were in reserve. To annoy me he spawned his other units on the opposite table edge, so I had to run up the table in his direction, but the game was practically decided.

I have to say that I did not enjoy the game because it was no fun at all. In small points games, the berserker bomb is too devastating. Even if he had had the first turn, he would not have been able to kill enough berzerkers to survive properly. This combo is potent and in my opinion not meant to be played in casual games.

I buy no new models until I fully painted the ones I already have!

Yes, we all know this sentence and we all said it at least once in our wargaming career but who really stuck to it? Well I do at least at the moment. I am sitting in front of the death guard part of two Dark Millenium starter boxes, a Forge World Leviathan Dreadnought, a Kabuki Studios Alpharius/Omegon surrogate, a pack of Seekers of Slaanesh, forty Chaos Cultists and a pack of Possessed. This is definitely a lot to paint (even if many of you have a lot more to paint at home) and I feel a bit overwhelmed by it. The worst part, however, is not what I have to paint right now but what I can’t paint because of it. There is this Eisenhorn model coming out, Necromunda is releasing a new Gang (and I didn’t even get the starter box) and of course, Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire came out a while ago. There are so many things I want to paint right now but I can’t because of the things I have at home already.

The lesson learned for me out of this is that I will never ever buy these many miniatures again in one run! And now I will go back to my painting table and paint what I have so I can hopefully start on new projects soon and get rid of this overwhelming feeling.



Short update

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry that this blog was a bit idle in the last time but by kids god blessed by grandfather Nurgle and that left me with no time for other things at all.

As they are well again I will give you an update about my Alpha Legion Terminators soon. There is a conversion project I will also start in the next time.

So stay tuned and thank you for the patience.



Morty is a very mean guy!

So I was in a discussion if Mortarion is overpowered and underpriced and if it is able to beat him without another lord of war. This discussion came eventually to the inevitable conclusion that I have to prove that it is able to beat a Morty list as I have defended the point that it is possible.

We played a 1500 points mission with tactical objectives. My list was Alpha Legion and focused on my Havocs with Lascannons. I put in a bunch of Cultists and CSM Troops so I was able fill two battalion detachments.

My full list was:

  • 4 x 10 man troops Cultists
  • 1 x 9 man troop CSM with Bolters and Plasma in a Rhino
  • 1 x 10 man troop CSM with Chainswords, Flamers and a Power Fist
  • 1 x Heldrake
  • 1 x Daemon Prince with Wings and Warp Time
  • 1 x Chaos Lord with a Power Sword
  • 1 x 5 Havocs with Lascannons and Mark of Slaanesh
  • 1 x Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armour with Death Hex and Warp Time
  • 1 x Chaos Sorcerer with Prescions and Warp time
  • 1 x 3 Chaos Bikers with Chainswords and Flamers

The Idea was to kill Morty first round with Havoc who get Precions from the Sorcerer so they hit on a 2+ and two attacks each as I can use a strategem with their mark of Slaanesh. The Sorcerer in Terminator armour would deepstrike and take Morty’s invulnerability save away with death hex. My troop choices + Bikes would secure the objectives and the Daemon Prince /Heldrake combo would wreak Havoc on the battlefield. Well at least this was the plan… and it failed terribly!

It started with the List my opponent brought.

  • 1 x Mortarion
  • 1 x Daemon Prince of Nurgle with an artefact armour that gives him a +2 Armour save
  • 1 x Contemptor Dreadnough with terrible plasma weapons in a Dreadclaw
  • 2 x Plague Drones with Plague Spitters
  • 1 x Plagueburst Crawler

My troop choices and my Bikers were totally useless against this units. My Marines wounded on a 5+ and my Cultists on a 6+.  This left me with my Havocs as my only real weapon on the field. In addition he got first turn. I managed to kill his Dreadclaw (with which he stole line of sight from my Havocs to Morty) and to inflict 8 Wounds on Morty. I also Killed one Plague Drone. My Sorcerer was not able to get Death Hex off (seriously how stupid can someone be to rely on a 8+ psychic test) and the invulnerability save of Morty did the rest. He slaughtered me so heavy that I had to give up in round three.

My conclusion is that you have to bring more heavy weapons that just a troop of Havocs if you face Morty and that it is better to have a more balanced List than to try to get as many command points as possible. Ah yeah and to base your strategy on a 8+ psychic power is bollocks too.

I have to give credit to my opponent who build an excellent List and played every turn masterfully without making any mistakes and giving me a great time even if I lost.

Below you find a few pictures from the battle


Citadels Combat Cards

So I just bought the Warhammer combat cards from Citadel and they are amazing! I read the rules twice, did a test game with my best friend and we were immediately into it. It plays very easy and a match lasts about twenty minutes.

The rules are totally easy. Everyone has thirty cards, you pull five per turn and three of them you put on the table. The remaining two are used as strategical abilities. Every unit has three values one for melee, one for ranged attack and one for psychic attack. The different cards can improve each other also.

One player is the attacker and the other one the defender (the roles change every round). The attacker says which value on the card is used and the card with the higher value wins the fight. Winner is the one who wins the most fights.

And that’s all. The rules are very easy but still leave plenty of space for strategy and tactics. If you have a bit money on your hand I totally recommend you to buy them as they are really cheap (for GW products).99220699001_CombatCards01